Lab retreat 2017

There’s something about the fall– the crisp air, the anticipation of a new year– that makes me feel like I can do anything. This year, we tried to channel that energy into our first lab retreat. Together we hiked a mountain, toasted marshmallows, and contemplated the future of the MemoLab and, more generally, of cognitive neuroscience.

Figure 1. At the top of Mount Abraham.

Figure 2. We stayed in a lovely cabin in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

Figure 3. Each lab member presented on a topic of their choice: physics of Frisbee (Max), a grant proposal (Rose), philosophy of mind (Kyle), music theory (Rosie), and plans for current/future grant proposals (Maureen).

Contributions: M.R. chaired the program committee; R.S. chaired the food committee; R.C. chaired the hiking committee; M.B. chaired the fire committee; and K.K. chaired the guacamole committee.