Fall update

We are currently seven months into pandemic mode. Boston College is “re-open” to the extent that undergraduates are back on campus, and some classes are in person. Here in the MemoLab, we remain mostly in the virtual realm. We’ve picked up our online data collection with a combination of mTurk, Sona, and Pavlovia, and we are finally transitioning back to fMRI data collection. The fMRI work has been spearheaded by grad student Rosie Samide, who will be collecting data on a project looking at the role of memory processes in emotion regulation.

I’ll be reviewing applications from prospective graduate students, and you can find more information here, including tips on how to write a compelling application.

Lab paper updates:

  • Rose and I published a TiCS review on the posterior medial network in the spring.
  • Rosie recently had a review paper accepted at Cognitive Therapy and Research, focusing on the processes supporting cognitive reappraisal of emotional memories.
  • And Rose has a pre-print on the functional network architecture of the posterior medial network, dropping soon…

Additional congratulations to…

  • Grad student Paula Brooks, who was awarded both the prestigious Harvey Fellowship and an NIH Diversity Supplement in the spring.
  • Grad student Kyle Kurkela, who successfully defended his masters thesis last month.
  • Our 2020 graduating seniors– Natale Schmitz, Mary Nanna, Eamon Atri, and Krista Roze– and especially Natale, who completed a terrific senior thesis despite the spring disruptions.