Brigitte Guzman

Brigitte Guzman

Lab Coordinator


B.A., UC San Diego, 2021
Curriculum Vitae


Hi, I am Brigitte. I graduated from the University of California, San Diego, in 2021 with a concentration in social psychology. My passion for memory and emotion research bloomed at UC San Diego, where I took on my first research assistant role at the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory of Memory and the Brain. After graduating, I spent a year at Arizona State University as a Ph.D. candidate in the Memory and Attention Control Laboratory. I examined the interaction between affect and fluency and its influence on how we make attributions of truth. I am enthusiastic about being a part of the memory modulation lab, where I look forward to expanding my knowledge on memory reconsolidation and emotion.

Outside the lab, I love reading books on dopamine, painting, and going on adventures with my service animal Daphne and pet Pebbles.