Lab manual

  • The MemoLab lab manual. You are welcome to share and adapt it.

    Useful tips & tools

  • R code for reproducibly generating exam versions
  • Shiny apps demonstrating ROC curves: simple, dual-process (source code)
  • Miscellaneous SPM & fMRI scripts, including a tutorial on how to set up an SPM batch system
  • Tips on how to run mriqc and fmriprep on our cluster

    Data and code

  • Probabilistic MTL atlas including ROIs for MTL subregions
  • Database of news videos with emotion and memorability norms
  • All of our lab's public GitHub repositories
  • Looking for data or code from a specific paper from our lab? Look for the icons on the Papers page.

    Other links

  • Information about courses that I offer at Boston College
  • List of undergrad & post-bacc research opportunities in cognitive neuroscience
  • Harvard Center for Brain Science Neuroimaging Facility
  • BU Cognitive Neuroimaging Center
  • DataCamp