Our research is broadly focused on understanding how episodic memories are represented and maintained by cortico-hippocampal networks, and how these memories can be shaped by modulatory factors such as emotional arousal. Right now, our main projects are centered on the network interactions supporting episodic construction, individual differences in episodic memory, and the role of memory processes in emotion regulation. This work depends on a combination of cognitive neuroscience methods, including fMRI (multivariate pattern analysis, functional connectivity, etc.), EEG, eye-tracking, and behavioral modeling. We are just as interested in cognition as we are in the brain, and we find this balance in our approach to designing cognitive neuroscience experiments.

If you’re interested in any of these topics, or in other topics that dovetail with our existing lines of research, get in touch! In my role as a professor and lab director, I am committed to providing tailored mentorship experiences for trainees with different interests and from different backgrounds. I will be accepting applications from prospective PhD students in fall 2022 - more detailed information can be found here. I am also currently recruiting a postdoc - see ad here. All of our other positions are currently filled, but there may be openings in the future.

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