New lab papers (!!!)

Very excited to share the first MemoLab papers, which arrived as a pair on consecutive days in March. Both projects were led by postdoc Rose Cooper.

Cooper, R.A., Kensinger, E.A., & Ritchey, M. (2019). Memories fade: The relationship between memory vividness and remembered visual salience. Psychological Science.

  • This paper reports a set of behavioral experiments investigating the reconstruction of perceptual features in memory. Spoiler alert: memories fade, literally.
  • Links: paper, data, lay summary

Cooper, R.A. & Ritchey, M. (2019). Cortico-hippocampal network connections support the multidimensional quality of episodic memory. eLife , 8:e45591.

  • This paper reports an fMRI study examining the brain networks supporting episodic retrieval. We found that AT-PM network integration increases during episodic retrieval and scales with an objective, continuous measure of memory quality.
  • Links: paper, code