Collection of scripts and data files for an fMRI functional connectivity study of item and spatial context memory precision

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The Paper

This repository includes scripts and data for the following paper:

Cooper, R. & Ritchey, M. (2019). Cortico-hippocampal network connections support the multidimensional quality of episodic memory. eLife, 8, e45591, doi:10.7554/eLife.45591


Episodic memories reflect a bound representation of multimodal features that can be reinstated with varying levels of precision. Yet little is known about how brain networks involved in memory, including the hippocampus and posterior-medial (PM) and anterior-temporal (AT) cortical systems, functionally interact to support the quality and the content of recollection. Participants learned color, spatial, and emotion associations of objects, later reconstructing the visual features using a continuous color spectrum and 360° panorama scenes. Behaviorally, dependencies in memory were observed for the gist but not precision of these event associations. Supporting this integration, hippocampus, AT, and PM regions showed increased inter-network connectivity and reduced modularity during retrieval compared to encoding. These network connections, particularly to hippocampus, tracked a multidimensional, continuous measure of objective memory quality. Moreover, distinct patterns of connectivity tracked item color precision and spatial memory precision. These findings demonstrate not only how hippocampal-cortical connections reconfigure during episodic retrieval, but how such dynamic interactions might flexibly support the multidimensional quality of remembered events.


Psychtoolbox task scripts are included in the task folder. The stimuli used in the experiment can be obtained from the following links: objects, panorama scenes, and sounds.

I have also shared a few key analysis scripts in the analysis folder along with some corresponding data files and reports.

The general flow of the included analysis scripts is as follows:


All data included in this project is licensed under the CC BY 4.0 license, and all code is licensed under the MIT license.


Please direct any comments to Rose Cooper, rose.cooper at Please feel free to use any of these scripts. Unfortunately I cannot provide support for you to adapt them to your own data. Notice a bug? Please tell me.